Ah, the wonderfully diverse world of Core Progression Personal Training, where we guide every client from prenatal to pageant-ready!

We light up when expecting moms from Austin, TX visit us. Building baby bumps and biceps simultaneously isn’t everyone cup of tea, but that’s a typical weekday morning at our gym. If you’re confused, let’s put it this way – our prenatal pregnancy exercises have been tried and tested to bring resilience and a postnatal comeback like never before!

Let’s not forget that woman from Arvada, CO, who limped into our physical therapy clinic and not only danced out but cha-cha’d her way to a Zumba convention (true story). It’s moments like these that remind us of the real magic of physical restoration in action.

But wait, there’s more! We have successfully taken Boulder, CO pageant hopefuls and sculpted them into top-tier, tiara-winning goddesses of the stage. No, really, ask Miss Colorado 2021 – we made her do lunges until she saw stars (of victory!).

No matter your fitness goal or situation, Core Progression Personal Training, with its unique twist on personal fitness, will always leave you stronger, happier, and incredibly successful!