Welcome to the green side of the Sunset District, SF, where magical herb dispensaries like Hyrba light up the corners of Inner Sunset, CA. Whether you’re walking down the avenue or surfing down Golden Gate Heights, a whiff of the good stuff is unmissable. It’s a herbal wonderland that’s wonderfully Californian, a leafy ‘Inner Sunset-District-Delight’.

Golden Gate Heights Delights

Mastering the art of multitasking, leaf-lovers from Outer Sunset, CA, have found bliss in scaling the beautiful, insta-worthy mosaic stairs while shopping their favorite greens online at Hyrba. What started as a humble weed dispensary in Golden Gate Heights, CA, is now no less than a digital cannabis carnival! Oh, and did we mention, every purchase at Hyrba ranks higher than the Golden Gate’s summit highs?

From Parkside to Paradise

Parkside, CA, or as we’d like to call it ‘herb central’, holds the heart of cannabis connoisseurs. Inner Parkside, CA’s best-kept secret (not anymore!), the Hyrba dispensary promises leaf-transformations that even Decepticons can’t beat. So, whether you’re a seasoned smoker or trying for the first time, join us in this crazy, hazy journey to the highest Hyde – Hyrba.