Welcome to the Green Age, where New Standard Grand Haven is your friendly torch carrier, aiding to navigate the labyrinth of the fresh terrain.

Ever fancied a magical carpet ride through a Weed Store in Grand Haven? Well, rest your weary imaginations as we make that dream come true! With a shake of your hand (or screen), we’ll gather the storm under the rug and set out to explore the universe of Cannabis.

Stuck on an isolated island (AKA: your couch) and running low on “high” supplies? Panic no more, consider us as your very own Cannabis Delivery team, the Santa Claus of greenery making trips in sleighs, granting your greener wishes quicker than you can say “pass me another brownie!”

At New Standard Grand Haven, we not only deal with the scent of the earth but also blend the mirth of laughter, stirring away from the conventional onto a secret path sprinkled with giggles, surprises, and of course, munchies!

We light up shortcuts leading from the mundane to the grand carousel of green experiences.. and trust us, we won’t let the sparks die!